Beginning February 12
6 Sessions | Only $54.00

Where Champions Take Their First Steps!

Ignite the spark for soccer in your child! The Soccer Sparks Program offers age-specific programs designed to nurture young players, both on and off the field. From playful kicks with parents to competitive play, we guide children on a journey of skill development, teamwork, and lifelong love for the beautiful game.

Looking for a fun and enriching alternative to daycare for your energetic preschooler? Look no further than Soccer Sparks Academy! Forget cookie-cutter classrooms and structured playtime; at Soccer Sparks, your little one will embark on a developmental journey with a ball at their feet.  Soccer Sparks Academy offers age-specific programs designed to nurture preschool development through the beautiful game. Gone are the days of passive entertainment; here, children actively explore, learn, and grow in a vibrant, supportive environment.


Unleash the fun without breaking the bank! Each Soccer Sparks Academy session is just 6 weeks long and costs only $50, making it an accessible and rewarding experience for every preschooler. Choose the perfect timing for your little Spark:

  • First Session: February 12th – March 22nd (6 weeks of fun!)
  • Second Session: March 25th – May 3rd

(Ages 18 – 36 mos)
Year-round  Programs
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Parents join their little one in a world of playful soccer exploration! Through parent-child activities, your child will develop gross motor skills, giggle uncontrollably, and spark a lifelong love for the game.

Explorers enjoy different colored balls parachutes, cones and other sensory toys to build  balance, coordination, tracking, kicking and changing directions.


(Ages 3 – 4)
Year-round Programs
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Young players embark on a journey of skill development. Refine dribbling, passing, and shooting techniques, learn tactical fundamentals, and discover individual talents through fun practices and activities. 

Building for the future: Discoverers gain confidence and build a strong foundation for future soccer endeavors. Our program prepares players for competitive leagues or recreational play.

Spokane Soccer Center for Excellence | Summer Camps

(Ages 5- 12) 
Full Week Summer Camp Programs
Beginning June 24

With a new found knowledge of the game players refine  skills and ignite a competitive spirit.

Ascenders master advanced tactics, strategize like a pro, and work seamlessly with teammates, preparing players to conquer any challenge on the field and beyond.

 This program focuses on advanced tactics, strategic play, and teamwork, preparing players for competitive leagues or further soccer development.