Indoor Soccer Leagues

Adult Summer 1 Team Registration

ADULT: Summer 1 2024 Registration NOW OPEN

Summer 1 League Information:

Mens/Womens Registration Closes: June 22nd

Coed Registration Closes: June. 22nd

Dates: July 1st – August 25th

Cost: $800

# of Games: 8

Referee Fees: $10 per Game

Coed: Games Typically Played  on  Sunday

Men’s: Games Monday-Friday

Women’s: Over 40 – Tuesday, Open – Wednesday/Thursday

SSc Player’s Card

New identification cards must be obtained at $15.00 per player.  All new players will need some form of I.D. to obtain a players card (Birth Certificate, Passport, or Medical Insurance Card with Birth Date). Cards are annual, renewable by September 1st of each year. A temporary (one game) card can be issued for $5.00 per game with picture I.D. Player Cards are Non-Refundable.


U14 and Younger: $10 per team per game
U15 and Older: $10 per team per game
Adults: $10 per team per game


  • Cost per team: $800 for eight games (two 22 minute halves).
  • Fees paid to SSC do not include insurance for injuries to players, coaches or managers. All players must sign an SSC Waiver of Liability, Parent or Legal Guardian must be present to sign SSC Waiver for players under 18.
  • All players must obtain a player identification card. These can be purchased for $15. A picture ID is required with date of birth. A temporary (one game only) card can be purchased for $5 per game. Cards expire September 1st of each year.
  • All youth leagues up to U18 must have a responsible coach, 25 years or older present at each game. No Coach, No Play.
  • All money paid to the Spokane Soccer Center is
    non-refundable if a league is available.
  • All referee costs will be paid in cash by the participating
    teams directly to the referee before the game begins.
  • U15 and above: $10/team/game.
  • U14 and below: $10/team/game.
  • To play adult league soccer you must be 16 years or older. No Exceptions! Your 16th birthday must have taken place before the first game.
  • Shin guards are mandatory and must be covered by socks the full length.
  • No cleated shoes allowed.
  • Players per team unlimited, no rosters required.

Participating Teams


  • Restless Feet
  • Elk Herd
  • The B Team
  • Wampa Stompas
  • Beer FC Coed 1
  • Beer FC Coed 2
  • Beer FC Coed 3
  • Beer FC Coed 4
  • Brundy
  • Penthouse Peeps
  • The Sandlot
  • Concrete Donkeys
  • Rebellion FC
  • Chaos United
  • Spokane Spartans
  • CHAS Soccer
  • The Weekend Warriors


  • Waterdog FC
  • Della Terra
  • Warriors
  • Amigos
  • Double Fisters
  • Beer FC Yellow
  • SPK Hawks FC
  • Itron
  • The Chiefs
  • Beer FC Black
  • Random United
  • Los Pies
  • Spokane Villa
  • NW United


  • Women’s Over 40 – Tuesday
  • Women’s Open Wednesdays x2
  • Women’s Open Thursdays x2

Youth Team Registration

YOUTH: Winter 2 2023 Registration Now Open.  Registration Link Below.

Winter 2 League Information:

Registration NOW OPEN

Registration Closes: Dec. 20th

Dates: Jan. 8th-Mar.  10th

Cost: $800

# of Games: 8

Referee Fees: $10 per Game

Youth games:  played on Saturday/Sunday Mornings with some weekday games during Holiday Breaks

Upon completing the registration form you will be redirected to a store page where you can pay the entry fee. If you aren’t redirected you can click here to be directly taken to the store or use the button below. You will need to create an SSC store account to complete your purchase.